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Here you can find small and pedagogically useful objects for children. When working with the lucet, one recurrently has to form an “eight“ with the wool thread. This schools both parts of the brain and trains the motor skills. Our set “Lucet with wool“ is made of 100 % kbT Bioland sheeps wool, dyed in different rainbow colors with the use of plant-based colorants. Put the finished ribbon in the washing machine at 50° and let it felt. What you will get is a beautiful multicolored felt cord. When using the knitting spool, one needs a little more dexterity. Older children can handle it with ease. The results are beautiful, stable cords. Our felt flowers are stamped from thick felt sheets. This is how you can easily produce multicolored lanyards. You are also free to use different yarns. For example, we sometimes use differently-colored silk threads to make artful chains. Fasteners are included in our sets. Our children's hand loom is suited for children from the age of four. Quickly they may turn thick single yarn into small carpets, bags and much more. Children also enjoy weaving with our circular looms.

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