Our philosophy

Wollmanufaktur Filges sees itself as an active part of a community shaped by the mutual respect of its members. Our intent is to act in an environmentally sustainable manner in order to preserve natural resources, avoid harmful effects upon nature and mankind and promote biodiversity. In order to make these goals traceable for consumers, our company is Bioland-certified since 1996. You can look up the Bioland standards to gain an impression of what this means in detail. Furthermore, we not only design our products to be natural and unharmful to one's health, but also want them to be valuable in a social sense. Lastly, we attach major importance to the fact that, if possible, all grey goods used during production come from Germany. This is the only way for us to ensure that unnecessary climate-damaging transports are avoided and that we do not support intransparent or unethical working conditions.

Sheep wool after dyeing with plant colors.

This is what you can be sure of!

  • ● We only use German wool.
  • ● We produce exclusively in Germany.
  • ● Our products are BIOLAND-certified.
  • ● We use but renewable ressources.
  • ● We guarantee the eco-friendliness of our production processes.
  • ● We care for high-quality products.
  • ● We want our products to be beautiful and socially valuable


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